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A Fresh Look at Grading and Reporting in High Schools

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Authors: Sandra Herbst, Anne Davies



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A Fresh Look at Grading and Reporting in High Schools describes, step-by-step, how you can effectively work towards a powerful, practical, and informed standards-based grading and reporting process. Respected authors, Sandra Herbst and Anne Davies, examine the essential components of evaluation that both model and mirror effective practice:

  • Preparing for learning, teaching, and assessment
  • Engaging students in assessment in support of their learning
  • Reporting the learning to others

This resource:

  • is chock-full of examples from across subject areas and disciplines (e.g. , biology, mathematics, arts, history, social studies, world issues, IB, English, geography).
  • includes responses to commonly asked questions, ‘ya buts,’ and ‘push backs’.
  • highlights specific strategies to use as you plan, implement, and reflect.

This refreshing look at grading and reporting arises from DOING this important work with high schools and systems across North America.




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