203.000.IN - A Fresh Look at Grading and Reporting in Secondary Classrooms


The purpose of this course is to support system, school, and teacher leaders as they work in support of their secondary colleague’s learning in the area of standards-based instruction, assessment, and reporting. 
This resource provides a complete learning experience, including video clips, reading materials, and suggestions for use with educators in either independent or group settings.

This course is designed for Secondary.

What are the features of this course?

comprehensive learning experience that provides an engaging examination of A Fresh Look at Grading and Reporting in Secondary Classrooms

combines theoretical perspectives and proven, practical strategies that can be immediately implemented in all learning environments

information, materials, and explanations are clearly presented

 ideas are accessible and easily understood

user-friendly and easy to follow

high quality classroom footage brings the ideas to life

system alignment can be achieved when teacher and leader sections are considered together

appeals to different adult learning styles, with opportunities to read, view, listen, and take action

clear suggestions for processing the learning are included

self-paced and easily differentiated or personalized by the learner

customizable to your needs - elementary plus leader (JK-7), secondary plus leader (7-12), or JK-12

Course Content

  • Overview video and statement
  • Learning Goals and Resources
  • Introductory video (transcript included)
  • Video - Learning in Hybrid/Blended and Online/Remote Learning
  • Video – Elementary Focus (transcript included)
  • Video – Secondary Focus (transcript included)
  • Video – Leader Focus (transcript included)
  • Classroom Footage
  • Selected Readings
  • Debriefing the Learning
  • Extending the Learning and Taking Action
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

*and much more.

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