About Us


Our mission is to support educators to prepare learners for their future, not our past.

Connect2learning is an independent publisher dedicated to providing educators with quality resources and strategies to use in their work with students.

In 1997, we published Setting and Using Criteria, followed by Self-Assessment and Goal-Setting in 2000, and Conferencing and Reporting in 2001. This series of practical and powerful "how-to" books quickly gained international acclaim and rose to the status of best-seller.

Another of our titles, Making Classroom Assessment Work, (1st Edition) published in 2000, attained best-seller status in its first year. It has been used as a resource for university courses as well as a practical guide for teachers and administrators. In 2007, the 2nd Edition was released and it is now in its third edition.

Some of the more recent additions to our collection include Leading the Way to Making Classroom Assessment Work, Classroom Assessment: What's Working in High Schools?, Protocols for Professional Learning Conversations and The Facilitator's Guide to Classroom Assessment K-12. As with all of our products, these resources provide hands-on, practical, and easy-to-follow ideas, complete with instructions and all resource materials needed to make them happen. The Facilitator's Guide represents our first foray into digital media and we are excited by the scope of quality ideas and resources it has allowed us to offer.

We are constantly searching for quality, practical, and easy-to-use resources to assist you in your work.