Brenda Augusta


Brenda Augusta has been passionately encouraging and supporting teaching and learning for over thirty years through a variety of roles: coach, teacher, consultant, mentor, and author.

While she acknowledges that our educational systems require structure, her work emphasizes that there is no one template for teaching or learning – there are many paths that lead to success. Her practice is to support and guide you to map your own unique journey together.

As such, she has spent her sixteen-year tenure as a consultant focusing on being responsive to the needs and goals of those she works alongside, be they system or school leaders, teachers, or students. Her demonstration lessons and lesson-study weeks provide her clients with a thorough and immersive experience, while keeping Brenda connected to the classroom, the venue in which she sees the greatest potential for positive change.

She has written several books, including Making Writing Instruction Work (2015), and has recently co-authored Making Physical Education Instruction and Assessment Work (2017), and Collecting Evidence and Portfolios: Engaging Students in Pedagogical Documentation (2017). She has also employed her writing skills in the service of clients, most recently bringing assessment for learning strategies into units of study for a Mohawk Immersion program, as well as guiding a group of literacy leaders to write a single point rubric designed to assess student writing and drive instruction.

An innate ability to put people at ease and instruct from a place of comfort and openness allow Brenda to effectively challenge assumptions through her presenting, coaching, and mentorship roles. Whether it’s a one-to-one coaching context, or facilitating a session for an audience of one hundred or more, her approach remains the same: What are you looking to achieve, and how can we plan pathways that will bring you there? Each and every session is custom-designed for the learners Brenda is supporting.

At the core of her philosophy is the idea that learning is an act of willing growth, not a dogmatic process to be forced upon learners at any stage of their development.

Although Brenda’s roles in the realm of education are many, she will always identify as a ‘teacher’ in the classical sense: a practitioner with a dedication to influence and support students, teachers, and leaders – learners all.


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