Elementary Professional Development

As an elementary school leader or someone who supports teacher professional learning, you recognize that elementary schools are complex, demanding, and ever-changing learning and teaching environments. You also know that even the youngest learners can move forward with confidence if they understand their next steps. And quality instruction and assessment practices can get them there! 

Powerful Professional Learning

You need a professional learning solution that carefully blends how students construct knowledge and understanding, along with the developmental nature of learning. Powerful professional learning invites opportunities for teachers and leaders to inquire into their own practice and their learners’ growth and progress.

Ideas that Work

Curate a Learning Journey

So, our experience can help you to curate a learning journey that is as unique as you and your colleagues are. Whether you are wanting to learn more about:

  • instruction in face-to-face or remote/blended environments,
  • assessment that engages each and every student,
  • strategies to authentically bring parents and guardians into the learning conversation,
  • teaching that amplifies student agency,
  • and leadership at the school level that ignites efficacy,

connect2learning has the people and the resources that can made a difference.

Personalize Learning

Our strength lies in our ability to personalize learning experiences. You can choose from among the following learning options:   

  • Comprehensive elementary, leader, and parent courses that include classroom footage, practical strategies, and readings.
  • Webinar series, live Q&A sessions and virtual facilitated workshops that specifically meet your outcomes and objectives.
  • Custom coaching to address your team’s questions of practice and inquiry.
  • Over 25 books, in either print or e-book format.

Results Matter

Let us help you increase student success and teacher efficacy. As Marion Fitchett, an elementary school principal in New Zealand, reported, “Using the key ideas from connect2learning’s team with teachers and students resulted in significant gains in the area of writing. Initially only 20% of students across the school were meeting expectations in the area of writing, as determined by external assessments. Within five years, more than 80% of the students were exceeding.

Learning on the Go

All of our courses and online tools are fully optimized for mobile platforms so you can access your courses and resources anytime, anywhere.


Elementary Courses

119.000.IN - Engagement and Ownership - Elementary

This course focuses on assessment that leads to engagement and ownership. If students are not engaged in learning, learning is unlikely to occur - no matter how hard teachers work.

120.000.IN - Beginning With the End in Mind - Elementary

This course focuses on beginning with the end in mind – processes to unpack the learning outcomes, standards, and/or competencies for which you are responsible.

121.000.IN - Using Samples for Quality and Success - Elementary

Understanding success is essential for learners. This course focuses on ways to use samples to help students to deeply understand what quality looks like.

122.000.IN - Planning for Reliable and Valid Evidence - Elementary

This course focuses on how teachers can plan to gather reliable and valid evidence of student learning. This process is called triangulation.

123.000.IN - Co-constructing Criteria for Success - Elementary

This course focuses on ways to co-construct and use criteria with learners, so that a shared and common understanding of quality emerges.

124.000.IN - Success Through Powerful Feedback - Elementary

This course focuses on ways to give specific and descriptive feedback without marks or grades, while still providing the kind of information students need to move their learning forward.

125.000.IN - Instructional Rubrics for Learning - Elementary

This course focuses on using rubrics in ways that positively impact learning – both for instructional and evaluative purposes.

126.000.IN - Self- and Peer Assessment - Elementary

When we involve students in examining samples and co-constructing criteria, they come to better understand quality and expectations. This course focuses on ways to engage learners in self and peer assessment - how to use their understanding of quality to consider where they are headed, where they currently are, and what they need to do to close the gap.

127.000.IN - Goal Setting that Energizes Learning - Elementary

When goal setting is viewed as one of the 7 Actions of Assessment for Learning, rather than an isolated event, we can go beyond good intentions and hopes of improvement. When we know where we’re going, what success looks like, and receive feedback in relation to that success criteria, we can set goals and self-monitor our way to success.

128.000.IN - Collecting Evidence of Learning - Elementary

Deepen your knowledge about ways to involve students in collecting evidence of learning, as well as strategies that you might want to consider when collecting evidence.

129.000.IN - Communicating Evidence of Learning - Elementary

Designed for you and your colleagues, there are videos, readings, classroom video footage and more to assist you as you deepen your knowledge about ways to involve students in collecting evidence of learning, as well as ways you might want to consider collecting evidence of their learning. Have students communicate evidence of their learning to teachers, to peers, to families, and more.

130.000.IN Evaluation and Reporting - Elementary

In this course, six principles of evaluation will be shared, along with practical examples of ways that teachers and leaders are evaluating and reporting the learning of others.


Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive learning experience that provides examination of the course topic
  • Combines theoretical perspectives and proven, practical strategies that can be
  • Immediately implemented in all learning environments
  • Information, materials, and explanations are clearly presented
  • Ideas are accessible and easily understood
  • User-friendly and easy to follow
  • High quality classroom footage brings the ideas to life
  • System alignment can be achieved when teacher and leader sections are considered together
  • Appeals to different adult learning styles, with opportunities to read, view, listen, and take action
  • Clear suggestions for processing the learning are included
  • Self-paced and easily differentiated or personalized by the learner

Additional Resources

331.000.IN - 12 Quick Fixes: Teaching and Assessment in These Times

The 12 areas of focus in this course allow you to re-examine teaching and assessment practices in hybrid/blended, remote/online or in person learning environments... and still ignite student learning.

432.000.IN - 12 Quick Fixes: Leading Teaching and Assessment in These Times

The 12 areas of focus in this course, 12 Quick Fixes: Leading Teaching and Assessment in These Times, allow you to re-examine the ways that instructional and leadership practices can still ignite learning.

533.000.IN - Parents: Understanding Teaching and Assessment in These Times

The purpose of this course is to help parents understand the teaching and assessment practices being used across the globe to increase student achievement. Parents might want to take this course to find more ways to support their child(ren)’s learning, ways to complement the teacher’s work, or to completely direct the learning themselves. All of these purposes are supported by the learning we’ve built into this course.

Webinar Series - Teaching, Instruction, Assessment, and Evaluation in Online and Blended Learning Environments: A Focus on Elementary School

Over the past several months, we very quickly shifted our teaching instruction, assessment, and evaluation to an online or blended learning environment. This five-part web conference series will explore not only the realities, but the opportunities that present themselves when we move from school buildings to hybrid or remote platforms.

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educators enrolled.

Connect2learning’s course was valuable in having teachers focus on the strategies that would help students move forward in their learning.”

- Rita Campitelli, Coordinator of Secondary Programs, York Catholic District School Board, Ontario, Canada

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