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La collecte de preuves d’apprentissage et les portfolios : l’engagement des élèves dans le processus de documentation pédagogique
Product ID : 10020190
Unit Price CAD: $21.95 $20.95
JUST ARRIVED! Order your copy by December 31, 2018 to take...
Making Physical Education Instruction and Assessment Work
Product ID : 10099
Unit Price CAD: $19.95
A practical guide to applying the big ideas of assessment to the teaching of...
Refreshing Teaching and Learning Series (Two Books)
Product ID : 10099A
Unit Price CAD: $36.95
Collecting Evidence and Portfolios: Engaging Students in Pedagogical Documentation
Product ID : 1A-20189
Unit Price CAD: $21.95
How to authentically involve students in tangible, practical, and possible...
Grading, Reporting, and Professional Judgment in Elementary Classrooms
Product ID : 1A-20199
Unit Price CAD: $29.95
Grading and reporting processes that are both possible and practical:...
Knowing What Counts Series: 4 Books
Product ID : 1A-30130
Unit Price CAD: $82.95
The Knowing What Counts Series includes four books: Setting and Using...
Making Writing Instruction Work
Product ID : 1C-10099A
Unit Price CAD: $19.95