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12-week program beginning Feb 9, 2022

How Educational Leaders

Can Transform Schools & Systems

Even in these uncertain times, schools and systems continue to improve, solve problems, and move forwards.

More than ever, teachers, students and parents are looking to leaders to show leadership that makes a difference.


But what can leaders do to keep their systems thriving?

In our experience, working with educational leaders during the pandemic and over the past three decades, we have found that transformative change is possible and replicable when they have access to high-yield strategies, tools, and approaches. We have seen how informed, engaged leaders can shape the direction and success of a school or system for the better, even during challenging times such as these.

We invite you to join The Leaders’ Roundtable 2023, beginning April 12, 2023, for a deep dive into proven concepts for transformative change. Learn how leaders of schools and systems have been effecting real, sustained change for the better, and how you can apply these proven ideas to your learning community!

The Leaders’ Roundtable will provide leaders with resources to help overcome immediate challenges, while also exploring pathways for longer term strategic change.

Your Leadership Makes a Difference


The pandemic has tested our classrooms and systems and, as a result, illuminated areas that require ongoing attention and focus, such as students disconnected from learning, teacher stress and burnout, and the need for inspirational leadership. Now is the time to put in place practices that will help our schools and systems get better and flourish.

One thing is certain: The most important stakeholders in our schools and school systems – the students and their parents -- are not giving up on education, and neither are the teachers. Students count on the school system to prepare them for success in life, and teachers are dedicated to helping them get there. However, these groups cannot change things on their own. They need leaders to lead in courageous and bold ways – leaders who can facilitate positive change, who have access to the latest research and proven ideas that can make learning the best it can be!

In our work as educational coaches and consultants, we find that it generally takes from 12-36 months to turn things in the right direction and imbue systems with the principles and practices that effect real, enduring change. So, what better time to get started than when old approaches have shown their shortcomings and new directions are needed!

The Leaders’ Roundtable will give you resources to help overcome immediate challenges while also opening pathways for longer term strategic change.

This Program Delivers a Pathway for School and System Transformation, with Six Interactive Presentations and Additional Resources


The Leaders’ Roundtable provides a roadmap for change that begins with learners and works upwards from there to touch all stakeholders, from parents to classroom teachers to school leaders and system administrators. The components of this program have delivered life-changing student results to hundreds of schools and systems over nearly two decades.

This iteration of the program, tailored specifically to the needs of school and system leaders, includes the following elements:

  • Six Core Interactive Presentations, each 60 minutes in length, presented at noon EST (9:00 am PST) once every week over a six week period, beginning on April 12th, 2023.
  • Six recorded sessions from 2022 Leaders Roundtable available immediately.
  • Chapters from leading texts on core concepts, helping participants to fully grasp the theoretical and strategic framework.  
  • Numerous documents with rubrics, protocols, methods, illustrations, detailed case studies and other resources for immediate practical application in your role as a leader.
  • “Private Podcast Series” (available in the optional upgrade package) where Anne invites leaders to join her to thoroughly discuss your questions about the challenges and concerns you are facing today in your schools, and share these discussions via private podcast.
  • An online “binder” (or resource repository), where you can access the program components, including full audio & video recordings of the live presentations.

Six Core Modules Provide a Framework for Transforming the Experiences of Students and the Outcomes of Schools & Systems


In their work as consultants to schools and systems, Anne Davies and her guests have found that positive systemic change can unfold in a variety of exciting ways when a school or system begins to focus on key leverage points. When the tools and strategies begin to be implemented in the classrooms and at other touchpoints, learners and other stakeholders experience immediate results. These changes emanate from the actions of leaders and then build from the classrooms on up to permeate the system with positive new movement and energy.

The online presentations of The Leaders’ Roundtable explore six key modules:

  • Module 1: Leaders Deliberately Infuse the Power of Alignment
  • Module 2: Leaders Capitalize on the Power of Feedback
  • Module 3: Leaders Build Upon  the Power of Professional Learning 
  • Module 4: Leaders Expand the Proof of Success
  • Module5:  Leaders Transforms Resistance to Support
  • Module 6: Leaders Nurture Resilience and Fuel Leadership

Our research and consulting work has demonstrated that these six areas are key leverage points for initiating and sustaining positive change for students, teachers, classrooms, and entire schools. The Leaders’ Roundtable is structured to examine and apply these in depth.

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Your Guides: Deeply Experienced Educators and Consultants with a Track Record of Helping Transform Schools and Systems

Anne Davies, Ph.D. - President

Anne is an acclaimed educator, consultant, keynote speaker, and author. Working alongside and encouraging people to achieve their goals – by truly making a difference in the lives of learners – has led to Anne Davies’ distinguished and internationally-recognized career in Education Leadership and Assessment.

With extensive classroom and consultation experience with education leaders, Anne uses her depth of knowledge and innovative mindset to help educators realize their own potential for positive impact in the classroom and beyond. Anne has also headed a variety of research projects and was Canada’s Team Lead at the International Assessment Symposium in Fredericton, NB (2014). Her work has helped to shape provincial and national educational policy changes and she continues to be a highly sought-after resource for both government and private-sector educational institutions.

Over her distinguished career, Anne has garnered high-profile accolades including the Hilroy Fellowship for outstanding innovation in education and a nomination for the Canadian Education Association’s Whitworth Research Award. Anne is the author and co-author of more than 30 books and multimedia resources, including the best seller, Making Classroom Assessment Work, now in its fourth edition.

Sandra Herbst - Superintendent/CEO, River East Transcona School Division, Winnipeg, MB

Sandra has recently started her work as Superintendent/CEO of a large urban school division in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a system leader, she is ensuring that the mutuality between governance and operations focuses on increasing student success.

As an author, speaker, coach, mentor, and consultant with extensive experience in leadership, adult learning, and assessment, Sandra has helped jurisdictions, districts, and schools to reflect on their programs, identify long-term aspirations, and strategically plan to achieve their future visions.

Amongst her many books and articles, Sandra co-authored the research report “System Leaders Using Assessment for Learning as Both the Change and the Change Process: Developing Theory From Practice” – an 11 year longitudinal study focused on system leadership, published in The Curriculum Journal.

Brenda Augusta - Senior Associate

Brenda Augusta has been encouraging and supporting teaching and learning for more than three decades, in a variety of roles: coach, teacher, consultant, mentor, and author.

Just as it did when she was a classroom teacher, Brenda’s approach emphasizes that there is no single template for teaching or learning - there are many paths that lead to success. As such, she has spent her twenty-year tenure as a consultant focusing on being responsive to the needs and goals of those she works alongside, be they system or school leaders, teachers, or students. In recent years this has meant an intentional focus on working with students, teachers, and leaders online, dedicated to finding and refining new ways of working together while maintaining Brenda’s connection to the classroom, the venue in which she sees the greatest potential for positive change.

As an author, Brenda has most recently co-published Making Physical Education Instruction and Assessment Work (2017), Collecting Evidence and Portfolios: Engaging Students in Pedagogical Documentation (2017) and Making Writing Instruction Work (2015).

Rita Campitelli -  Associate

The desire to find ways to meet the learning needs of all students, and discover ways to enhance and enrich the teaching practice of others has motivated Rita Campitelli to use her rich teaching experience in the service of others.

Her teaching career of over 34 years led Rita to many roles of leadership including lead teacher, department head and at the system level, Coordinator of Secondary programs. Working directly with teachers and in the classroom is where Rita finds her true inspiration.

Working with other teachers, Rita understands the challenges that teachers face as Provincial and Board programs and priorities change. Rita creatively works with system leaders and teachers to find ways to meet these challenges.  

Linda Inglis -  Associate

Linda has had many rich and varied experiences as an educator. Her work as a teacher, school principal, district leader, instructional coach and facilitator has focused on student learning and creating strong learning communities for everyone. 

Linda’s leadership experiences, in a variety of roles in education, have provided her with the background to offer colleagues opportunities to create learning communities that support informed practice and enhanced student learning. Linda works alongside her colleagues, building relationships that foster a supportive working context by ensuring colleagues have ownership of their professional learning journey.

Linda co-authored - “Powerful Assessment and Professional Practice - Instructional Talk Throughs” which captures  her work with colleagues using Assessment for Learning to ground and guide their leadership practice.

Bonus Offerings: Resources for Success

Bonus #1: 

Immediate access to SIX recordings from Leaders Roundtable 2022.

Bonus #2: Chapters from book on system change

Participants will be provided with selected chapters (in PDF format) from Anne and Sandra’s book on leadership and system change: “Transforming Schools and Systems Using Assessment: A Practical Guide” (Second Edition). 

This highly acclaimed text shows what is needed for system change to reach students in the classroom. The samples provided delve into ways that school administrators, district personnel and superintendents have implemented new systems of learning and leading for all. By experiencing the process and benefits of assessment for learning first-hand, lead learners can become enthusiastic models for colleagues and students.

Bonus #3: PDF Protocols and more

Participants will receive other valuable PDF resources including, workshop conversation directions, learning protocols, and thinking sheets and structures. These valuable resources will support and illuminate each of the six modules. You can print these for use in your own leadership work.

Optional In-Depth Discussions via Private Podcast Series

The Leaders’ Roundtable “Standard Package,” includes the presentations on the six key modules, along with the bonuses listed. You can upgrade to the Private Podcast Series.

“Private Podcast Series” (available in the optional upgrade package) where Anne and her special guests thoroughly discuss your questions about the challenges and concerns you are facing today in your schools, and share these discussions via private podcast.

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Who We Are and the Results of Our Work

Connect2learning, an organization founded by Anne Davies and Stewart Duncan, has served over 500,000 educators and touched the lives of millions of students in various parts of the globe over the past twenty-five years. The overarching theme behind connect2learning’s work has centered on formative assessment, which is also known as assessment for learning. 

Our team members have worked as academics, educators, researchers, classroom leaders, school leaders, system leaders, and consultants. Through our experiences, we have each come to realize that students thrive, educators are re-energized, and schools transform when the principles and practices of formative assessment are deeply integrated into schools and classrooms. 

Teachers, schools, and systems that work with us often come back year after year to continue the work and deepen the transformation. Why is that? Because they see how the processes and pragmatic steps we introduce, backed by peer-reviewed research studies and our own decades of experience and reflection, make an immediate difference to students, educators, and leaders.

In most instances, student learners become more engaged and develop greater self-confidence and more enthusiasm for the subjects being taught. This leads to better grades and higher graduation rates. Students who struggle and are at risk often see the greatest turnaround. Educators and school leaders report that these students move to new and unexpected levels of success. 

For teachers, it is transformative to their careers when this begins to happen in their own classrooms, and they see learners begin to blossom out in new ways and new directions. Educators find it so gratifying to see the positive changes and they themselves are renewed to do their work of changing lives.

What People Are Saying About Us

 “Because the connect2learning team is actively involved in research and writing, they are constantly on the forefront of evolving trends and best practices in K-12 education. I consider them to be the best in the business.
Marc C., Executive Director, Commission scolaire Francophone du Yukon
“We have had 100% participation in connect2learning’s virtual platform and have received excellent feedback from our staff. We are entering our third year of collaboration.”
Donna L., Director of Education
“To all the professionals at connect2learning: For many years, we, as a system and myself, as a teacher and coordinator, have relied on your professional learning resources that are grounded in sound pedagogy and teaching practices. With the addition of the c2l online learning modules, our teachers had the opportunity to refine their assessment and evaluation practices while working through the modules in collaborative groups. The teachers enjoyed the options available to them and that they are able to return to the modules throughout the school year. It has been a pleasure working with the professionals at c2l, as they listened to all of our requests and exceeded our expectations. I look forward to working with them in the years to come.”
Rita Campitelli, Coordinator of Secondary Program, York Catholic District School Board Aurora, ON
"We sent a team of teachers, administrators, and district staff to Anne’s Leadership Symposium. With the help of Anne and her team of resource people, we were able to develop a comprehensive plan for the implementation of Assessment for Learning in our school district. We subsequently booked Anne to come and work with us during the year. During her first visit, she facilitated the work of teams of teachers and administrators from all 41 schools in our district. Using her excellent resources, particularly the book, Making Classroom Assessment Work, Anne did a masterful job of engaging her audience and encouraging them to commit to work that they would do in the future."
H.G., Former Superintendent, Central Okanagan School District #23, BC
"I engaged Anne in partnership with our Ministry of Education to carry out a series of Assessment for Learning workshops throughout New Zealand. These were so well received that Anne revisited us the following year and carried out further, more specialized workshops. Without exception, both the content and presentation was lauded; Anne is certainly viewed as being at the cutting edge of assessment theory and practice. She is equally at ease working with small and large groups of educators and consistently displays a refined sense of humour; an empathy with and knowledge of learners (teachers are learners, learners are teachers); flexibility; content knowledge par excellence; and a willingness to reflect." 
K.S., Former Principal, Stratford Primary School, New Zealand
"When working with Anne/Sandra/Brenda and C2L, we have been able to learn how to utilize practical tools and examples of the processes that engage students as co-owners of their learning. The resources and training have enabled us to focus on providing professional development to engage teachers and school administrators on how to engage students in the learning process effectively. We continue to use connect2learning as a key component in our efforts to support our schools and their success."
Rampal S. School Renewal Specialist, DOE Hawaii


The Leaders’ Roundtable begins on April 12, 2023, with each of the six online presentations taking place every Wednesday at 1:00 pm EST weekly for six weeks. 

Participants will receive full scheduling and login information for the resources and online presentations immediately upon registration for Leaders Roundtable 2023.

Pricing for the Leaders' Roundtable

Roundtable Standard

Early Bird Price $523

Reg. $605

  • Six Online Presentations
  •  Bonus #1: Related chapters from leadership books
  •  Bonus #2: PDF Protocols and more
  •  Bonus #3 Online Resource Repository 

Roundtable Plus

Early Bird Price $743

Reg. $853

  • Upgrade Package with Private Podcast Series
  • Six Online Presentations
  •  Bonus #1: Chapters from book on system change
  •  Bonus #2: PDF Protocols and more
  •  Bonus #3 Online Resource Repository 

Group Discounts

3-9 team members: 10% discount

10 or more team members: 15% discount

Taxes extra where applicable.

“No Risk” Money Back Guarantee: If unsatisfied for any reason, let us know by April 11, 2023