Linda Inglis


Linda Inglis has had many rich and varied experiences as an educator..

Her work as a teacher, school principal, district leader, instructional coach and facilitator has focused on student learning and creating strong learning communities for everyone. She brings an energy to her work, collaborating with and supporting colleagues in realizing success in the service of student learning.

Linda’s leadership experiences, in a variety of roles in education, have provided her with the background to offer colleagues opportunities to create learning communities that support informed practice and enhanced student learning. Linda works alongside her colleagues, building relationships that foster a supportive working context by ensuring colleagues have ownership of their professional learning journey.

She has worked with school district leaders and in schools with teams of  leaders and teachers establishing their Assessment for Learning Plans. Linda has had many years of experience working as an Instructional Leadership coach/facilitator in schools and classrooms alongside school leaders and teachers. Linda grounds her work in Assessment for Learning guiding leaders to experience it in their leadership practice and teachers in their instructional practice.

Linda co-authored - “Powerful Assessment and Professional Practice - Instructional Talk Throughs” which captures  her work with colleagues using Assessment for Learning to ground and guide their leadership practice.

Working together with colleagues, asking and exploring ways to respond to the following questions with them…

Where are we at in our Assessment for Learning practice throughout our learning community?

Where do we want to go and grow in our Assessment for Learning journey?

How can we realize our Assessment for Learning goals together?

Linda successfully supports their professional learning with a goal to foster student voice, engagement and ownership of their learning. She has had the joy of working with colleagues in schools throughout Alberta, Nova Scotia, Singapore, and Norway and as a mentor to many colleagues as well. 

Students are at the heart and centre of her approach to learning and leading. She inspires leaders and teachers to come together as they embrace professional learning that will support, enhance and celebrate student learning.


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