Making Writing Instruction Work
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Making Writing Instruction Work

Product ID : 1C-10099A
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Author: Brenda Augusta
Foreword by Anne Davies, Ph.D.



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Teaching and learning are complicated processes. Linking the big ideas of assessment in the service of learning with the teaching of writing, this book is designed to help teachers make sense of it all. Using stories, samples, and many practical ideas, the author shows us how to:

  • Identify a clear learning destination for the next four to six weeks of writing
  • Collect and consider evidence before, during, and after writing
  • Show students what quality writing looks like in a variety of ways
  • Give feedback that encourages, guides, and inspires writers
  • Involve students in self- and peer assessment
  • Teach writing in a way that connects the dots for students and teachers

Written with an audience of Kindergarten to Grade 8 educators in mind, this book is for teachers and those who support and guide them in their very important work - literacy coaches, professional development leaders, and school or system-based leaders.

Making Writing Instruction Work is the first in a series of books about looking at instruction through new eyes and, because teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin, refreshing student learning.

Watch Brenda Augusta applying the principles of assessment to writing instruction as she works with teachers from the Louis Riel School Division in Winnipeg, MB. (4:04)


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