Residency: Powerful Assessment and Professional Practice
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Residency: Powerful Assessment and Professional Practice

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Author: Lori Jeschke, Dave Carter, Cheryl Shields & Deborah Bidulka
Foreword by Sandra Herbst



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Residency: Powerful Assessment and Professional Practice is an account of how a school district turned the implementation of a common progress report for Grades 1 – 9 into an even deeper change – a shift in assessment, learning pedagogy, and practice across their entire system. Through the structure of a residency model, learn how these educators:

  • walked alongside their adult and student learners
  • set the stage for the impending change
  • embedded collaborative professional learning in the classroom
  • supported growth of practice
  • reflected on feedback to feed learning forward
  • sustained the change

If you are an educator interested in supporting professional learning and systemic change as a teacher leader, a professional development leader, a school-based leader, or a system leader, the authors invite you to read their story and consider the ways in which you might adapt it to work in your particular context.

Residency: Powerful Assessment and Professional Practice is the second in a series of books for teachers and leaders that highlights the connection between assessment for learning principles and professional development structures.


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