Rita Campitelli


The desire to find ways to meet the learning needs of all students and discover ways to enhance and enrich the teaching practice of others has motivated Rita Campitelli to use her rich teaching experience in the service of others...

Her teaching career of over 34 years has led Rita to many roles of leadership including lead teacher, department head, and Coordinator of Secondary programs at the system level. Working directly with teachers and in the classroom is where Rita finds her true inspiration.

In the classroom, Rita is always looking for ways to understand what every student needs to succeed and is passionate about finding ways for students to demonstrate their learning. Her goal as a classroom teacher is to always create an environment where students become passionate and motivated to keep learning regardless of the obstacles or challenges along the way.

Working with other teachers, Rita is able to understand the challenges that teachers face as Provincial and Board programs and priorities change. Rita can creatively work with system leaders and teachers to find ways to meet these challenges.

Rita is committed to equity and inclusion in education. In her contributions at the system level, Rita worked closely with leaders endeavoring to bring Equity, Mental Health and Indigenous studies to others in the system. Along the way, she collaborated on a toolkit for others to use to evaluate the resources used in the classroom using the lens of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity. Alongside Mental Health leaders she worked to ensure that teachers had the resources needed to bring mental health programs into the classroom. Working with Indigenous Studies leaders, she brought teachers together to create resources used in the classroom.

Rita creates interactive and information rich professional development sessions which are tailored to the needs of teachers and system leaders. She is passionate about life-long learning and energizing teaching and creating safe and inclusive spaces for all to learn and grow.


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