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Teaching & Learning


Making Writing Instruction Work

Making Physical Education Instruction and Assessment Work
Product ID : 10099
Unit Price CAD: $19.95
A practical guide to applying the big ideas of assessment to the teaching of...
Refreshing Teaching and Learning Series (Two Books)
Product ID : 10099A
Unit Price CAD: $36.95
Grading, Reporting, and Professional Judgment in Elementary Classrooms
Product ID : 1A-20199
Unit Price CAD: $29.95
Grading and reporting processes that are both possible and practical:...
Knowing What Counts Series: 4 Books
Product ID : 1A-30130
Unit Price CAD: $82.95
The Knowing What Counts Series includes four books: Setting and Using...
Making Writing Instruction Work
Product ID : 1C-10099A
Unit Price CAD: $19.95
Seasons of Peace
Product ID : 80100
Unit Price CAD: $28.95

Suggestions for each month offer a new view of an old...

Remember Peace
Product ID : 80150
Unit Price CAD: $25.95

A practical, five-part guide that places tools for peace...

Learning With Readers Theatre
Product ID : 85110
Unit Price CAD: $28.95

Readers Theatre is a simple, effective, and risk...

Making Themes Work
Product ID : 85120
Unit Price CAD: $22.95

Making Themes Work shows teachers how to organize...

Multi-Age and More
Product ID : 85130
Unit Price CAD: $22.95

Multi-Age and More is for all teachers of...

La MultiClasse: Outils, stratégies et pratiques pour la classe multiâge et multiprogramme.
Product ID : 85140
Unit Price CAD: $45.95

Toutes les classes sont des “classes multiâges”:...