Professional Learning Support Collection Topics 4 - 6

Topics 4 - 6

Developing Engaged & Expert Learners

with Anne Davies & Sandra Herbst

Anne Davies and Sandra Herbst, working with a professional videographer, have produced another three high-quality, focussed, and engaging videos in the Professional Learning Support Collection. Each of the three topics gives you everything you need to run quality professional development sessions: ~ A learning guide ~ The voice of experts ~ Classroom video clips ~ Time to reflect and process ~ Ways to extend the learning

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Sample Pricing Grid

Topic 4 - Using Samples for Quality and Success

We use samples to support our own learning as teachers; now it is time to do the same for our students. Samples are used to help students understand quality expectations and possible pathways to success. (click for more information)

Secondary Teachers - 21:48 minutes | Secondary Leaders - 31:25 minutes
Elementary Teachers - 20:54 minutes | Elementary Leaders - 30:31 minutes

Topic 5 - Creating Instructional Rubrics for Learning

We know how to use rubrics to evaluate; now consider how to use them in support of learning. When teachers remove the numbers, scores, and marks from rubrics and instead focus on what is present in the work, students can – and do – learn more.
(click for more information)

Secondary Teachers - 22:37 minutes | Secondary Leaders - 31:02 minutes
Elementary Teachers - 30:25 minutes | Elementary Leaders - 38:50 minutes

Topic 6 - Evaluation and Reporting

Reporting progress and growth in relation to curriculum goals, standards, outcomes, and expectations involves professional judgment. In this session, six principles of evaluation will be shared with practical accounts of ways teachers are evaluating student work and reporting the learning to others. (click for more information)

Secondary Teachers - 40:15 minutes | Secondary Leaders - 49:28 minutes
Elementary Teachers - 47:25 minutes | Elementary Leaders - 56:38 minutes

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